Cary is growing and growing smart. Dedicated planning, with the needed budgets, means we’re structured to expand strategically without jeopardizing our quality-of-life standards.


Parks Bond

The Parks Bond, approved by voters in October 2019, includes $112 million for two new parks in western Cary, Phase 2 of the Downtown Park, playground upgrades, historic property preservation, open space preservation, and improvements to existing parks. Projects include:

  • Downtown Park
  • Playground Updates
  • Historic Preservation
  • Open Space Land Acquisition
  • Carpenter Fire Station Park
  • McCrimmon Park
  • Dutchmen’s Branch Greenway
  • Annie Jones Park Tennis Courts
  • Dunham Park Tennis Courts Replacement
  • Sk8-Cary Improvements
  • Veterans Freedom Park Enhancements
  • Penny Road School Park Refurbishment
  • Tryon Road Park
  • Walnut Creek Greenway

Transportation Bond

The Transportation Bond, approved by voters in October 2019, includes $113 million for traffic improvement, resurfacing, intersection improvements, streetscape improvements, new traffic signals, sidewalks, and road widening. Projects include:

  • Street Improvement Program
  • Green Level Church Road Widening
  • O’Kelly Chapel Road Widening
  • Carpenter Fire Station Road Widening
  • NCDOT Enhancements
  • Sidewalk Improvements
  • Louis Stephens Sidewalk
  • Cary Parkway Sidewalk at Black Creek
  • NC 55 Pedestrian Grade Separation
  • Intersection Improvement Program
  • Downtown Parking Development
  • Fenton Infrastructure