Cary is focused on smart growth. Dedicated planning, with the needed budgets ensures strategic expansions while maintaining an excellent quality of life for current and future residents.


Parks Bond

The Parks Bond, approved by voters in October 2019, includes $112 million for two new parks in western Cary, Phase 2 of the Downtown Park, playground upgrades, historic property preservation, open space preservation, and improvements to existing parks. Projects include:

  • Downtown Park
  • Playground Updates
  • Historic Preservation
  • Open Space Land Acquisition
  • Carpenter Fire Station Park
  • McCrimmon Park
  • Dutchmen’s Branch Greenway
  • Annie Jones Park Tennis Courts
  • Dunham Park Tennis Courts Replacement
  • Sk8-Cary Improvements
  • Veterans Freedom Park Enhancements
  • Penny Road School Park Refurbishment
  • Tryon Road Park
  • Walnut Creek Greenway

Transportation Bond

The Transportation Bond, approved by voters in October 2019, includes $113 million for traffic improvement, resurfacing, intersection improvements, streetscape improvements, new traffic signals, sidewalks, and road widening. Projects include:

  • Street Improvement Program
  • Green Level Church Road Widening
  • O’Kelly Chapel Road Widening
  • Carpenter Fire Station Road Widening
  • NCDOT Enhancements
  • Sidewalk Improvements
  • Louis Stephens Sidewalk
  • Cary Parkway Sidewalk at Black Creek
  • NC 55 Pedestrian Grade Separation
  • Intersection Improvement Program
  • Downtown Parking Development
  • Fenton Infrastructure