In Cary, fostering a lifelong appreciation of learning means educational, workforce and career opportunities for our future.

Population with at least a high school diploma
Population with at least a bachelor's degree
Served by Wake Tech Community College

Part of the nationally recognized Wake County Public School System, Cary’s schools benefit from an environment that emphasizes and values education — on the family, corporate and community level.

Cary offers schools that operate both on the traditional calendar as well as a year-round format, and have active parent-teacher organizations, corporate support and exciting extracurricular activities. The Wake County Public School System is composed of 171 schools and in Cary alone, there are four high schools, five middle schools and 17 elementary schools.

Cary also enjoys the advantage of proximity to numerous well-regarded local colleges and the Wake Technical Community College system, plus some of the nation’s top universities, including:

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